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The Undaunted Arms family always pushes on and won't let difficult times weigh us down. On the contrary, we believe now is the time for gun owners in America to rise together and resist those trying to take away our constitutional rights. No matter who you are or what you do, we must always stand together and #Defendthe2nd!

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My rights don't end where your feelings begin

Tim "The Maine-iac" Sylvia

Tim Sylvia is an American professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, professional wrestler, and former 5-Time Ultimate Fighting Championship Heavyweight Champion. Tim is an avid outdoorsman and second amendment supporter. Go try and take it from him, we dare you. timsylviamma1: "@undauntedarms I dare you to come try and take it. Go give my guys a follow, they make killer #2ndamendment clothes."
Tim Sylvia and Brantley Gilbert
Tim Sylvia at Street Outlaws
Tim Sylvia Come and Take It
Tim Sylvia and Zoltan Bathory

Brantley Gilbert

Most of you know Brantley Gilbert as one of the huge modern country rock music stars.

Brantley Gilbert is known for his outspoken support of the Second Amendment and his pro-gun stance. He has also been a vocal advocate for the rights of law-abiding gun owners, frequently speaking out against gun control measures that he believes would infringe on those rights.

His unwavering support of gun rights makes him the perfect addition to the Undaunted Family!.

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Don't Tread On Me - Honest Outlaw


Wife of Honest Outlaw/Co-Star of Honest Outlaw Reviews & Outlaw Life YouTube Channels

mrshonestoutlaw: "Range fashion for a beautiful Sunday 🤙🏼 badass shirt from @undauntedarms! Love this Iowa based 2a company!"


Robert AKA Hondaa_crf250: "Definitely one of my favorite shirts, awesome logo and even better people that run the company!"
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
Come and Take It
Don't Tread On Me
Remember Everyone Deployed
Honor The Fallen
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Strikeman Laser Training System

Strikeman Laser Cartridge
Rachelle Rokala
great laser for your 9mm pistols

great customer service.

Strikeman Laser Cartridge
Betty Kendall-Jones
Best customer service

I experienced the best customer service I have had in a very long time. I would not hesitate to do business with them again and I will certainly tell all my friends to ise them too. 👏👏

Don’t know

Still in a box 📦 haven’t opened it or played with it outside the demo at Gun Show

Patriotic Rocks Glass

Excellent quality

Love the material these are made of very comfortable

Speak their names!

I am my brother's legacy protector. He was KIA at the age of 22 while AC of a UH-1H Huey "Slick". So many go about their daily routine and never think of those who died defending our flag. This shirt was a gift to someone who demonstrated a commitment to the fallen and would show it with the T.

Greatly appreciate the kind words. Sorry for your loss and we thank him for his service and honor his ultimate sacrifice.

Range Things T-Shirt
Bryan Campbell

Love it perfect fit and comfortable

Thanks for the kind words, enjoy!

Excellent in all ways.

I purchased this shirt for my son, an Army Infantry Vet. I thought he’d appreciate the crossed rifles, stars, and quote. And he did. Shirt is very soft and well made including the graphics. Shipping was timely. Thanks Undaunted. Will order again soon.

Thanks for your kind words, be sure to thank your son for his service!

Love the hat

Love the hat! Keep up the good work brothers!

Great Hat

Great quality made hat. I have a Large head and most hats don't fit but this fits great. Just a great clean overall hat.

Anatomy of a Pew T-Shirt

Makes People Think

Received the shirt, wore it to a public venue that evening. Several FAVORABLE comments were made.

Great Experience

Shirt is great, fits, good quality and just what I ordered and expected. What's neat about these guys is their process. You pay, you get a confirmation. They let you know when it ships and when it will arrive. They notify when it arrives too. The package came in a camo pattern with Undaunted Arms branding on it. It is all very professionally done. The whole experience was very easy. Found some cool morale patches and I like the selection of shirts. Also, I understand that long sleeve shirts are coming. That's great news because I really like those. I will happily recommend Undaunted Arms to anyone looking for some shirts or swag. Thanks guys!

Great shirt

What can I say it was soft and fit well. As a bigger guy (fat) I have trouble finding good fitting shirts. I wouldn't mind seeing some larger sizes. Otherwise great company !!! keep kicking ass and taking names

Thanks for your kind words, we're happy that you like your shirt! We're constantly on the lookout for ways to improve. Right now we've been able to find up to 5XL in black and 3XL in green (4XL has been out of stock and they don't offer 5X). We'll keep looking and improving!

Come and Take It T-Shirt

The Undaunted Arms logo hat is definitely a favorite of mine and they look Great!

Love these shirts!!

Definitely one of my favorite shirts, awesome logo and even better people that run the company!

Ordered this shirt and it came in on time and didn’t disappoint. This is a great company with even better people.

Love this shirt, fit true to size, great material, and all around nice.

This shirt is awesome. Exactly what I was expecting!


Such a nice fitting shirt and the graphic is badass too!

Nice shirt

Very nice shirt and the design is very cool.
Thanks for a nice product and fast service!