Premium 2nd Amendment Apparel

The Second Amendment, as Written in the Constitution - The Foundation of This Great Nation, is Under Attack Nearly Daily.

And frankly, we're sick of it.
Now more than ever, gun owners in America must stick together and defend our freedoms, including our right to bear arms.

not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger, or disappointment.

Undaunted Arms is not intimidated or discouraged by members of the government trying to take and infringe our constitutional rights. The Undaunted family always pushes forward and won't let difficult times drag us down. We make 2nd amendment right apparel to keep your spirits high, whether on the range, ten feet in a tree or at the office. Join the Undaunted Arms family and be part of something bigger!

Undaunted Arms specializes in Apparel for Pro-Gun 2ND Amendment loving citizens, Law Enforcement and Military Alike.


  • The Garments

    We hand-picked some of the most comfortable feeling 2nd amendment right apparel you will ever wear. Enjoy lightweight, super soft fabric for extreme comfort in all elements and all seasons

  • Details

    It all comes down to the details, from custom neck labels to a fit that is comfortable for concealed carrying. Pro-gun 2nd amendment clothing made right. We pay attention to the details that matter most to American gun owners.

  • Quality

    Forget sending work overseas! We press and ship our patriotic apparel in-house to ensure premium Made-in-America quality.


Have a business and interested in stocking our items? Undaunted Arms is built for scalability and can accomodate your wholesale needs.

We would love to speak with you and see if we believe our brand missions align.

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Custom Orders

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